• Tom Radford

Make a Music Video in a Day

So you make music or love it, and often you picture the music video in your head that you would make if you had the time. Well sure, music videos these days are just bloody ridiculous in terms of scale, cost and post production. To the point where even accomplished video makers are distanced from the genre and most likely put off. Whatever they do it can't compete.

Bollocks I say!

Pardon my French but music is music, and video the same... if it's full of fun and character then it's worth doing. Over production is killing the spirit of so many art forms. I mean, take The Greatest Showman for example... great film, made in the classic musical style. Nice set pieces, great performances, even some memorable songs...but the audio production totally sucked from start to finish. I mean, this kind of personality devoid, soul-less auto-tuned musak might be fine for the X - factor but think what they could have done if Rogers & Hammerstein got hold of it. Compare the homogenous production values of this film to something like The Jungle Book, West Side Story or the Sound of music and they're not in the same continent.

I'm not criticising the songs, God no, only a fool would criticise songs that are so catchy. Although they're not really my cup of tea, my whole family is singing them, in fact the whole of my kid's school is singing them, that's enough Old Grey Whistle test for anyone to know they're great songs. But what could they be if they were paired down and not so bloody electronic?

Screw the production - Seize the moment!

So, if you want to make something, just do it, don't think about all the nay sayers... just grab your camera or your phone or your GoPro or whatever and make it. Sure it helps if you've already written and recorded a song like I had in this case (albeit 5 years ago) but you don't even need to do that, just find a piece of music, probably something royalty free and go for it.

Here's my effort. Shot on a 60D and a Mavic Pro...total shoot time 1.5hrs, post production, maybe 6hrs. And I'm damn proud of it, even if I do make myself look like some sort of psycho clown.

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