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I just read this article by director Wim Wenders and I can tell you I was struck by it. His problem isn't with us taking lots of photos, his problem is that we no longer look at them and enjoy them, or consider their impact. That's because it's too easy and, as any artists knows, there is NOTHING without struggle.

One photo per day
Make it count

If you could only take one

If you could only take one image per day, for a month let's say...what would it be? Just one image? Unimaginable right? Well could you do it? You'd have to think very carefully...take your time to compose your image, make sure that it, more than any other image, tells the story of that day. This might sound crazy but think how long it takes to paint a painting; days, sometimes weeks or even years. If you're going to do something profound it's got to be right. There are lots of types of photography and I'm sure even the best take thousands of images to get the right one. But I'm suggesting that we can only take one...that I... can only take one.

So, I dare you...to take just one photo a day for a month, no matter what the occasion. Take right, make it count.

Okay then, I'll go firstI'm going to put my money where my mouth is here and make a start. I solemnly promise to take just ONE photo per day for one month. And it won't be easy I can tell you, because I'm just as bad as everyone else.

#Onedayonephoto #ODOP

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